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Space Station Designer

Space Station Designer

Space Station Designer (‘SSD’) is a construction game where players can build huge stations using an array of over 70 modules. The game is under heavy development and its final feature set is still being defined based on the input we’re getting from our community. If you like space stations and/or assembling things, please feel free to download the open alpha version from, give it a go and then drop by our forums and let us know what you think.

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Does the fact that you're working on 'Space Station Designer' (SSD) mean that 'Space Station Inc.' (SSI) is no longer in development?

Not at all! SSD and SSI share a lot of their functionality, so any improvements made to SSD’s base systems will automatically improve SSI. ‘Space Station Inc.’ is a much more ambitious game, so we think that working on ‘Space Station Designer’ first is the right thing to do, since it will allow us to build a solid base that we can then build on top of. As a side bonus, it will allow us to release a space station game sooner rather than later.

What are your plans for SSD in terms of features?

During the last few months we have partially implemented various features, such as:

  • A ‘Mission mode’, where players need to achieve a certain goal while juggling the outcome of random events.
  • A ‘Design Challenge mode’, where players need to build a functional space station that complies with a set of design requirements (e.g., build a station that generates 2000 points of revenue and doesn’t require more than 1000 units of electricity).
  • Cross-platform functionality, which will allow players to have their designs synced in the cloud. They will be able to, for example, start their designs in their desktop computers at home, and then continue working on them on their tablets while commuting.

We are even tinkering with the idea of allowing players to create their own ‘Design Challenges’ and pushing them into our servers so that other players can solve them. Though we still need to find out whether this is a fun gameplay mechanic by testing it with a wider audience.

When will SSD be released?

We don’t have a fixed schedule yet. For the time being, we’re putting the playable build out there for everyone to try out and let us know what they think. Based on the feedback we get, we’ll chart the rest of the development roadmap.

Will SSD support modding?

Yes! Space Station Designer is made with Unity, and we’re planning to ship a Unity project with custom tools so that players are able to replace the existing 3D models with their own, thus allowing them to radically change the visual style of their stations. Notice that due to platform limitations, modding will only be available in Windows and macOS.

I’m space history buff. I loved your previous game ‘Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager’ and the fact that it featured realistic renders of historical spacecraft. Will I be able to build Skylab, Salyut and other various historic stations in Space Station Designer?

Since Skylab and Salyut are monolithic designs and were not really meant to be part of a much larger design, we’re not planning to include them in the game. That being said, since the game will feature modding support, players will certainly be able to build stations featuring modules similar to Skylab and Salyut made by other members of the community.

Help! I have a question that’s not addressed by this FAQ!

Please visit the game’s forums and we’ll do our very best to get back to you. Notice that we all have full-time jobs and it’s hard for us to reply to each and every message. So please don’t feel offended if we are unable to answer your specific question.

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