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Summary: The latest playtest version of Space Station Designer is now live! Please read on for further details.

At the end of June, we posted a development update here, where we shared some of the features and mechanics we’ve been working on, such as breaking the game down into three phases, improvements to the interactive tutorials, and the addition of ‘Control Center’ modules, among other things.

In the past month, we continued making tweaks to the game’s database, fixing bugs, and adding new gameplay features. After this final push, we’re very happy to share that version 0.5.0 of Space Station Designer went live a few minutes ago on both Steam and! There are versions available for both Windows and macOS.

If you joined the playtest version a while back, one of the things you’ll notice in this update is that some of the previous gameplay features, such as modules leasing and commercial services, are no longer available. This was a deliberate decision: we found that having so many mechanics available from the beginning was quite overwhelming, so we decided to streamline the game by breaking it up into three phases and making some of these mechanics available in phases 2 and 3. This also allowed us to focus on polishing the elements from phase 1 as much as possible. If you want more detail on what to expect from this update, check out our previous blog post here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game. Any and all feedback is appreciated, including:

  • Bugs and/or glitches: we’re committed to shipping a bug-free game, so if you run into any issues, please do let us know so that we can track them down and fix them.
  • Thoughts on gameplay mechanics.
  • Tutorials: are they easy to understand? Are the core concepts behind the game properly covered?
  • Gameplay strategies: given that the game has loads of moving parts, we’re really interested in hearing if you managed to find strategies that give you either an unfair advantage… or an unfair disadvantage!
  • User interface: are there any aspects of it that you don’t like or find confusing?

We’ll be monitoring both the Steam forums and the message board in on a regular basis.

We hope you really enjoy this update, see you in the forums!