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Hello again, welcome back to our blog! This time we’ll be sharing some tidbits from our latest work on ‘Space Station Inc.’.

The first bit is a gameplay video from the ‘high-end virtual reality’ version that Sebastian recorded using a recent build. The video shows what the user interface looks like when playing ‘Space Station Inc’. in virtual reality mode and how the player interacts with it. As you can see, certain elements from the user interface (e.g., the button icons) are common to both the ‘flat’ and the ‘virtual reality’ versions. That being said, the way those elements are laid out and the methods used by the player in order to interact with the game are quite different on each platform group 🙂

The second bit is a mock-up screen featuring the ‘astronaut management’ screen from the flat version:

Mock-up screen depicting the ‘astronaut management’ screen for the ‘flat’ (i.e., non-VR) version.

Mock-up screen depicting the ‘astronaut management’ screen for the ‘flat’ (i.e., non-VR) version.

The portraits from the image above feature faces that have strong geometrical shapes and shades. This was deliberate, and the reason it was done this way is because it plays along very nicely with the game’s user interface, which is full of graphical elements. The art style of the portraits themselves have a playful charm to them, which also matches quite well with the game’s overall art direction.

The astronaut portraits were done by Stefano, an extremely talented animator who works with me here at Unity in the Brighton office. Stefano will be helping us by creating various assets for the game and providing input on aspects related to animation and art style. We’re really happy that he decided to join us, as he certainly brings a very strong and unique set of skills to the project.

Slowly but surely, we continue making progress in the development of the game. We hope you like what you see so far! 🙂 Please use the comments section below if you have any feedback or contact us via Twitter.