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Note 27th January 2019: Notice that ‘Space Station Inc.’ has been re-branded as ‘Space Station Designer’, which is under heavy development. We’ve decided to leave this blog post for historical reasons.

Hello all, and welcome back to our blog! During the last couple of months, we have been releasing the various parts of our book ‘We Choose to Go to the Moon’ (in case you missed it, you can find the blog entry featuring the complete PDF version of the book here). Today, we are proud to announce the game project we have been working on for the last year: ‘Space Station Inc.’

About ‘Space Station Inc.’

‘Space Station Inc.’ or ‘SSI’ is a management game where the player is in charge of leading a private company that maintains an outpost in Earth orbit. The game starts with a minimal space station comprised of a single core module orbiting around the Earth. From that starting point, the player expands the station using a vast array of elements including solar panels, commercial production modules, research laboratories and much more. There are multiple victory conditions and throughout the game the player will have to make many decisions such as planning how to staff the station, which type of modules to add and how to schedule the activities of the various crew members to keep the station healthy and productive. There’s also space tourism management activities and the option to augment the station’s capabilities by building facilities on Earth.


  • Achieve commercial success with commercial goods production and space tourism or revolutionize spaceflight by researching advanced technologies.
  • Assemble unique space stations in different orbits using a vast amount of modules.
  • Maintain the stations to avoid dangerous failures.
  • Manage different types of astronauts featuring unique skills and abilities.
  • Research new technologies in a complex tech-tree.
  • Organize resupply missions to keep the station running.

The game is in development for desktop, mobile and virtual reality platforms. We’ll be posting an extensive blog post next week providing more details about the development of the game. In the meantime, please find below a screenshot of the high-end VR version of the game, taken straight out from our development environment! More screenshots are available in the product page. Also, make sure to follow us on twitter in order to stay up to date with our development efforts. See you next week! 🙂


In-game screenshot of the ‘High-End’ VR version.