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New websites!

Hello all! Last month we unveiled new product pages for our classic game 'Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager' and for our current game project 'Space Station Designer'. Today we're happy to share with you our new company's webpage! Same URL, but with much slicker...

Announcing Space Station Designer!

Hello all! It's been some time since our last development update. We have been making some steady progress on our space station game and we have some great news to share! After completing a gameplay prototype earlier this year, we found out that building space...

Unseen material from SPM – Part 5

Welcome to the last entry of ‘Unseen material from SPM’! This blog post wraps up the series we started back in May. This final entry features spacecraft that would have formed the basis of the second chapter of the game. More specifically, the Space Transportation...

Unseen material from SPM – Part 4

Welcome to the fourth entry of ‘Unseen material from SPM’! This entry features a variety of spacecraft that would have been included in the second part of the game. The first group is from the Spitzer Space Telescope and the International Ultraviolet Explorer. Both...

Unseen material from SPM – Part 3

Back in May we started publishing a series of blog posts featuring some of the renders from spacecraft that we were unable to include in our game Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager. After a hiatus, we’re back with a new entry in the series. In case you missed the...

Unseen material from SPM – Part 2

A week ago, we published the first entry of an ongoing series of blog posts where we are sharing some of the spacecraft that didn’t make the cut into our game Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager. The previous blog post featured Mars-related spacecraft, this one is...

Unseen material from SPM – Part 1

A few weeks ago a passionate member of the Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager community posted a message in the Steam forums asking if we could release some images of the spacecraft that unfortunately didn’t make it into the game. I asked our Art Director Mauricio if...

Production Lines Management

The installation of production modules in order to manufacture commercial goods such as ceramics, crystals and fiber optics is one of the core mechanics behind Space Station Inc.. These commercial goods are then dispatched down to Earth via resupply vehicles and can...

Drag and Drop

Throughout the course of the game, Space Station Inc. requires the player to move astronauts across various groups in order to perform various duties. For example, an astronaut can be assigned to 'Maintenance' in order to reduce the chances of the space station...

SSI Development Update 07/Mar/2017

Hello! Finally, we’re back with our first development update since the start of the new year. But first, a belated happy new year from the entire Polar Motion team–we all hope you had a great 2017 so far :-)! Our 2017 was amazing, as we’ve made some steady progress in...

The Team

Ignacio Liverotti

Ignacio Liverotti

Lead Developer

Ignacio started Polar Motion as a side project while working towards his Computer Science Engineering degree. He was born in Argentina and emigrated to the UK in mid-2011. He is currently living in Brighton and works as a Software Developer for Unity Technologies. 

Mauricio Sanjurjo

Mauricio Sanjurjo

Art Director

Mauricio joined Polar Motion in its early stages and developed all the 3D artwork for Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager. He lives in Argentina, has a degree in Graphics Design and is very interested in photography and computer games. He keeps an online portfolio here.



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