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The development version of Space Station Designer is now available for download!

Summary: The development version is now available for free to our mailing list's subscribers. Register and you'll receive a custom download key right away! Back in December 2017 we made a playable version of Space Station Designer freely available for download as an...

Commercial Services in Space Station Designer

One of the many benefits of having space stations in Earth orbit is that, since they provide a micro-gravity environment, they can perform activities that are simply impossible to carry out on Earth. This can be especially appealing to certain research institutions...

Modules leasing in Space Station Designer

As your orbital outposts become larger, you’ll find that you need to spend more funds in order to keep everything running smoothly. If during the early stages of the game you opted for a space station design that favours the generation of research points, you can...

Industrial R&D in Space Station Designer

In a previous blogpost we discussed the details behind the tech tree, which allows players to purchase new types of modules and expand their capabilities by allowing them to deploy orbital outposts in higher orbits. In this blog post, we’ll cover the second type of...

Maintenance of the LEO station in Space Station Designer

The space station modules available in Space Station Designer have an associated ‘maintenance factor’, which is proportional to their complexities. The maintenance factor is represented by the following icon: Which can be found in the purchase screen: And in the...

Astronauts in Space Station Designer

Astronauts play a very important role in ‘Space Station Designer’, as they are the ones in charge of keeping the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) station functional and using their skills in order to increase the station’s output. In this blog post, I’m going to give an overview...

The Tech Tree in Space Station Designer

When players start a new campaign in Space Station Designer, they only have a handful of essential modules for the LEO station at their disposal and their options are rather limited. In order to be able to build other types of modules and to unlock more advanced...

The Commercial Goods Market in Space Station Designer

As I have briefly mentioned in previous entries, Space Station Designer features a commercial goods market where players can trade the products manufactured in their orbital outposts in exchange for money. You can read more about the various commercial goods available...

The Manufacturing System in Space Station Designer: Part 2

In the previous entry we discussed the various recipes available for transforming raw materials ferried from Earth into commercial goods that can be exchanged for money in the market. In this blog post, I’m going to dive deeper into the details of the manufacturing...

The Manufacturing System in Space Station Designer: Part 1

In this blog post, I’m going to provide an overview of the manufacturing system in Space Station Designer. As I’ve described in the previous entry, players can manufacture goods in space that can then be ferried down to Earth and exchanged for money in the commercial...

The Team

Ignacio Liverotti

Ignacio Liverotti

Lead Developer

Ignacio started Polar Motion as a side project while working towards his Computer Science Engineering degree. He was born in Argentina and emigrated to the UK in mid-2011. He is currently living in Brighton and works as a Software Developer for Unity Technologies. 

Mauricio Sanjurjo

Mauricio Sanjurjo

Art Director

Mauricio joined Polar Motion in its early stages and developed all the 3D artwork for Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager. He lives in Argentina, has a degree in Graphics Design and is very interested in photography and computer games. He keeps an online portfolio here.



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