Ignacio Liverotti

Lead Developer

Ignacio started Polar Motion as a side project while working towards his Computer Science Engineering degree. Born and raised in Argentina, he worked as a software developer in various domains. He emigrated to the UK in mid-2011 and is currently living in the city of Brighton and Hove, where he works as a Software Developer for Unity Technologies.

Mauricio Sanjurjo

Art Director

Mauricio joined Polar Motion in its early stages and developed all the 3D artwork for Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager. Currently, he is in charge of all the various artwork tasks and the overall art direction of our projects.

Born and raised in Argentina, he has a degree in Graphics Design and has worked in several areas such as Motion Graphics and 3D Design and is very interested in photography and computer games. He keeps an online portfolio here.

Sebastian Oberdörfer

Development Manager

Sebastian has a very unique approach to computer games. Not only he thoroughly enjoys to explore the virtual worlds, but also loves sharing his gaming experiences with the whole world by creating Let’s Play videos. In addition, he sees a great educational potential in computer games which he researches as a Human-Computer Interaction Ph.D student.

Thus, Sebastian, who was born in Germany, simultaneously works on the development of our games as well as of serious games training cognitive demanding knowledge.

Lastly, Sebastian’s educational background provides him with a unique set of skills in media economics.